Aleksandr Vorontsov

Full Stack Engineer at Artificial

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  • Platform for generating AI character images based on D&D character sheets. Includes integration with AWS Cognito for user authentication and payments processing with Stripe. Built with React and TypeScript, and hosted on AWS.

  • Programming language developed as part of Bachelor's degree. Compiler developed in OCaml, VM developed in RPython

  • CLI tool for getting the weather forecast at your current location or a specified location. Developed in Nim, uses OpenWeatherMap API and freegeoip

  • CLI tool developed to aid in usage of git commands. git-gud processes a git command, takes the error and gets an answer using the stackoverflow API. Written in Go, original implementation in Python

  • Maps film scenes to real life locations using Google maps and imdb data. Scrapes imdb listings for location metadata and maps to coordinates

  • Desktop game made for BAFTA Young Game Designers 2017. Written in Unity using C#. Custom physics and movement developed as part of game features

  • Web page for RockPaperSplat written in plain HTML+CSS+JS. Includes simple pixel art editor to save artwork to device